hackBCA: A High School Hackathon

hackBCA is one of the first ever high school hackathons! It will be hosted at the Bergen County Academies high school in Hackensack, New Jersey. A hackathon is an event in which teams spend the weekend building something awesome and then demo it. hackBCA isn’t your traditional hackathon; we also allow and encourage not just software devs to attend, but also musicians, engineers, scientists, etc. Whether that means slinging mad code, producing hard beats, or even hacking together a sentient robot, as long as you make something, you can qualify to win prizes!

Most hackathons in the past have either excluded high school students or been created for college students. We plan to change this. High school students are more than capable of making awesome hacks, and hackBCA will prove this!

This is a hackathon planned by high school students, for high school students. This blog will serve as a “journal” in which the organizers of hackBCA document the process of organizing a hackathon. There are few resources to “teach” someone how to plan a hackathon, and therefore we believe it is really important for us to document and publish our experiences. We hope this blog will help future hackathon planners! Stay tuned and contact us for anything at contact@hackbca.com